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Architectural concrete Loft Design System
New collection made of real concrete.

Loads of best Architects of the World found inspiration of luxury in seemingly modest material such as concrete. We can easily say, that concrete dominated the whole design world of modern architecture.

Installed on large areas looks spectacular and with optimal doze of details, it will also work well in medium and smaller interiors.

Raw and minimalist style of interior in contrasting black and white is identified with modernism. Loft Design System GRC Concrete tiles are resistant for atmospheric weather conditions and they are suitable for interiors as well as for the elevation decorations. They define modern and designer look and improve insulating function of the wall.

Tiles made of architectural concrete
Modern design for interiors

This architectural concrete is available in 2 sizes 60×60 and 120×60 and in 3 colours, perfectly matching latest interior design and construction trends. Concrete and industrial style are ideal connection, therefore each panel in our colours range and size is also available in Hollow and Plain version with specially dedicated decorative stainless steel elements to complete the look.


Avaliable colors
Architectural concrete

Their attractive appearance depends on choice of right structure of a tile’s surface. Porosity degree can be chosen individually by a customer (including completely smooth tiles) or be just a random mixture. Choice should be based on character of a place, where the panels will be installed.

Each kind of concrete has different natural shades of colour, appearing in result of small differences of raw material and producing technology. Irregular arrangement of pits, slight colour variation and discolouration is definitely natural and greatest advantage of concrete panels. Their naturalness will let to add to your interior unique, industrial character and will make it special.

Dark grey


Light grey




The colors in the pictures may differ from the actual ones, it results from the individual settings of the monitor and the graphics card.

Modern interiors and architectural concrete it’s a perfect combination

Technical data

Product: Tiles made of architectural concrete standard PLAIN or HOLLOW
Panels dimensions: 60×60 cm | 60×120 cm
Thickness: 15 and 18 mm
Material: Architectural concrete