Yet again, becasue it is 1928 supply of motivation, theVacheron-Constantin Equilibrium Chronograph comes with replica rolex a cushion-shaped case (below created from 18 karat rose platinum).

Looking at a wall that looks like a carving masterpiece is truly a delightful experience. Abstract pattern possible to create with the presented model of wall panels will introduce a new stunning quality and variety of possibilities. Three-dimensional effect is an innovative idea to refresh an interior. Whether you wish to arrange an entire wall or just a fragment of it, this particular model of panels will attract a lot of attention. It is definitely worth it to feel like an artist, who carves his own stylish interior for himself.


Soundwave is technology, increasing the amount of sound reflections, giving the effect of dispersion and uniform distribution of sound throughout the room. It gives a feeling of balanced resonance, prevents clustering of sound waves and reduces the effect of flutter echo. Soundwave significantly improves the quality of music, eliminates echo, and increases the comfort of conducted talks.

Panel 3D

Dane techniczne

Width: 60cm*
Height: 60cm*
Thickness: 0.8-5.5cm
Weight: 13kg


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* dimensions tolerance 1cm, in ordered part up to 1mm.
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