Yet again, becasue it is 1928 supply of motivation, theVacheron-Constantin Equilibrium Chronograph comes with replica rolex a cushion-shaped case (below created from 18 karat rose platinum).

A flower meadow on your wall? Why not! Each of these decorative wall panels will make your interiors literally blossom with style. Flowery room energizes, puts a smile on your face and will make even a rainy day seem beautiful. It is a wonderful idea to paint the flowers with a different color to contrast with the flat surface. Our floral pattern is mostly used as a decoration of a child’s or a teenage daughter’s bedroom.

Panel 3D


Width: 60cm*
Height: 60cm*
Thickness: 1-2.4cm
Weight: 6.3kg


* dimensions tolerance 1cm, in ordered part up to 1mm.
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