Yet again, becasue it is 1928 supply of motivation, theVacheron-Constantin Equilibrium Chronograph comes with replica rolex a cushion-shaped case (below created from 18 karat rose platinum).

Element of unobviousness is something that draws attention and inspires thought, followed by an unstoppable enthusiasm. These decorative panels invite you on a journey from mystery and confusion to admiration. The first panel on the wall engages imagination, as you are still imagining the final effect, and then you observe as with each element your wall gains on expressiveness and becomes a stylish surface. Smooth convexities and concavities mix together. Together they create a three-dimensional wall, every panel of which expresses striving towards perfection.

Panel 3D


Width: 60cm*
Height: 60cm*
Thickness: 1-2.7cm
Weight: 6.2kg


* dimensions tolerance 1cm, in ordered part up to 1mm.
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