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Geo Concrete Collection - Model 01
Absolutely innovative

Geo concrete tiles made of real concrete with design inspired by geometry. Industrial style and geometric patterns fans will definitely love this collection for neatness and symmetry prevailing in it.


Created sometimes optical Illusion seen on models will make, that Geo concrete will become object of desire for increasing number of designers and architects from around the world. The collection is addressed to people, who value individuality but also tidiness. Presence of symmetry in the room gives them a sense of aesthetics and organization.

Regular, equal shapes are eye-catching  and bring sense of balance and esthetics, which is definitely missed in their asymmetric counterparts. In interior design, the most important is symmetry and balanced design Рthese are the interiors, we consider the most attractive.

Geo Concrete Model 01
Architectural Concrete


Model: Geo Concrete 01
Dimension: 60×120 cm
Thickness: 12-17 mm max.
Material: Architectural concrete

Dark grey


Light grey